Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi! I'm Amedea, pronounced "Ahh-muh-DAY-uh," like Mozart's middle name or the incredibly catchy Falco song. But I am not a classical composer or an international rock musician (although my karaoke rendition of "Dancin' in the Moonlight" was a hit in at least two other countries). Rather, I'm a Graphic Designer and Creative Director from Los Angeles, California. A sports fanatic, travel addict, and adventure junkie, I'm always outdoors or on my way to my next big excursion. My most prized possession is my multi-colored hammock, where you can find me in my free time, doodling, dreaming, thinking, writing. If you can't find me there, check Dodger Stadium; I'll be waiting patiently for our next shot at a World Series Championship.
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I like to make things.

I've been working as a graphic designer since 2011, and during that time I have been able to sink my teeth into all sorts of creative work. I've played with art direction, design, writing, code, illustration, motion graphics, strategy, research, and production. And I like all of it. I believe each of these creative mediums are unique forms of storytelling. With every story I tell my goal is to resonate with people at their core. Checkout my story: